Mexican Cafe inspired from Sierra Norte de Puebla, Mexico

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Café de Olla
Poblano Style Tamales

Our Delicious Story

Sierra Mexican Cuisine highlights the gastronomy of the Sierra Norte de Puebla, Mexico. This rich mountain region is known for its diverse culture, agriculture, and gastronomy.

Our story starts in Los Angeles during the late 1980’s, when Lucy’s mom learned to cook from her mother. Beginning as a house-run effort, Lucy’s mom began preparing food for her friends and family, putting her love and care into every dish. In 2021 the family started selling food from their front yard, and with time and dedication, they found an opportunity to expand their business, opening a food truck, Sierra Mexican Cuisine, in 2022. Now they will be opening a brick and mortar in 2023!

Her vision was inspired by listening to Los Angeles’s large immigrant community that left their homes in search of opportunities, away from their families. Her goal was to provide meals that felt like home, noticing how difficult it was for others to establish a connection with their shared homeland in a new country, seeing how much food could mean to others. She sympathized with their longing to feel closer to home. So Lucy left her profession as a teacher to dedicate herself to the food truck full time, and continue to share and pass down recipes that have been in her family for generations. Sierra Mexican Cuisine would soon become more than just a food truck – it would become a place to find delicious food, remembrance, and community.

Sierra Mexican Cuisine is currently a cafe, but Lucy and her family also have a tacos de guisado stand located on 127th street and Central Ave in South Los Angeles. Visit them for the most authentic poblano food in a taco form!

A place that feels like home.

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